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Hello and greetings to all friends and enemies! I am Steven Williams, as some may or may not know me, I started out as a precocious upstart little scamp with a tattered and troubled past, but I've survived long enough to be finally making my way to the slaty old man balcony seat to sarcastically jeer and give opinion to the topics of the times and perhaps my own musings and rantings. I enjoy a plethora of life activities and always learning something. I've been high, and I've been low, but the dnb has always kept my rhythm at a steady pace forward. If you've taken issue with something I've said on the show, it's ok for you to be wrong 😘 and I still love ya. I dabble in a bit of technomancy and now I am working on my druid skills, yes this is my truck, no I won't help you move, unless we can work something out. Always be grateful for what you have, and always be a blessing everyday.


Jesse Leblanc


Truth seeker from Quebec, Canada, with a thirst for knowledge and answers, always ready to have open discussion to broaden his collection of wisdoms from all around the world

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