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To conclude on tonight's show myself.

If you can still sit through movies and TV shows, I encourage you to look for symbolism, Look for hidden messages, meanings, agendas. Think about how this stuff actually intertwines into your reality.

And ask yourself, is it coincidence? Is it predictive programming? Is it literally programming(in the sense that we make our reality, so entertainment surely has influence on it). I mean, the TV is a government weapon🤷‍♂️.

I do encourage people to also read the books of some of these movies, there's even more "coincidental" type things within the pages. The world seems to be their stage, and we're but an audience. Yet there's meaning and secrecy behind all of it. Anyway, if you didn't catch the show. You can here under the makes you think tab. You can also find past podcast on the channel, as well as my guest page on there as well.

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