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Warmongering and Weakness

I'll spare no time for an introduction, I'm just going to get right into it.

Propagating fear and misdirecting public anger through mass communication is the definitive modus operandi of war hawks like John Bolton, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and of course the late Donald Rumsfeld, may he rest in piss.

Making deliberately false allegations or misrepresenting facts in foreign policy under the pretext of preserving peace through strength has been the rallying cry of invoking patriotism in Americans for as long as the CIA has been giving money to guerilla armies to rape women and murder children.

But warmongering as an application can only work for as long as the peoples of that nation they are supposed to be willing to take up arms and die for buy the narrative. And it's easy for someone who calls themselves a "God fearing American" to incorrectly assume that you don't love your country just because you don't love your government.

Truth is, the government of this nation has never deserved your respect. It is not entitled to it. And for the incumbent, the executive branch in particular, it should not be an uphill battle for citizens to refuse to take marching orders from elected officials.

That's why warmongering in and of itself fails. Tragically so. A nation of conviction that is willing to go to war for a cause it believes in will do so, and of it's own volition. Ergo this war profiteering demonstration need not be. And yet the reality of warmongering persists through a perpetual projection of weakness. We as a nation have devolved to where society hinges upon every word of elected officials, celebrities.

This nation has allowed itself to give "leaders" the impression that they are better than us as citizens. And in line with this expectation, people who subscribe to this cancerous culture of voting, piss away whatever semblance of dignity you have left in favor of being complacent, comfortable, and to tell yourself what is going on in the world right now won't directly affect you.

Legislating for spending bills that drive down real wages printed on paper money we can't back, driving up inflation. Financing wars in other countries while you vote for people who tell you what guns you aren't allowed to own. Mandating shutdowns in the name of public safety then bitching about not being able to pay your bills due to income inequality in the same breath. Public schools propagating degenerate filth and sexualizing children.

All of this. Paid for by your tax dollars.

The voting class of this country, has destroyed this country. Using the same ad hominem and reductio ad hitlerum that were used over 200 years ago by Alexander Hamilton, the voting class of this nation loves nothing more than projecting it's own flaws onto it's mortal enemy. Which is whatever percentage voted for the people you didn't.

And for what that matters in this world right now, Putin didn't invade Ukraine because he's bat shit insane. (Or, not the only reason.) He did it because he knew he could get away with it. Because of this weakness. Idiots who think Jesus protects America and voted for Donald Trump, and idiots who think shit-his-pants in chief is actually in charge.

Veterans of the second world war didn't "vote" and armchair quarterback virtue signal through news and radio praying for change during the Battle of Athens in 1946. They didn't shout at corrupt politicians and crooked cops.

They fucking shot them.

And it's sad most of the people in this country forgot who they are. Because this is where most of you clowns are headed.

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