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Roe V Wade

So everyone's in a tissy about the current ruling, and weather you're conservative, liberal,, or even libertarian, you need need step back a moment, and consider the position of the globalists whom have this anti-human agenda. So ask yourself what is the meaning behind Roe V Wade?

Firstly, You have a LANDMARK federal case that placed limitations on government and gave no additional authority: Here’s an Individual who pleaded to the Federal Government that their State was refusing them their Right to make a sovereign medical decision on their own behalf. So the Federal Government made a ruling that no Government could infringe on the Individual’s Right to make a medical decision. Because at the end of the day the triggering surface of this subject isn't what the grand ol' double talk politicians view this bureaucracy laiden infringement document as.

This is about precedence, so you have to remove Woman and Abortion; federal ruling and law applies to everyone who lives in this nation and can easily be regarded as such. If it can be argued that the Roe V Wade protects a woman’s right to receive an abortion, it could be argued that it protects your right to refuse a state-mandated vaccine. The only other legislation that could give you the protection of those rights is the Patient Self-Preservation Act (Omnibus Spending Bill), but that was specifically written to be in enacted in accordance with State and Federal law. Which means if your State declares an emergency, you no longer have those rights… Now you no longer have a landmark federal case to reference either.

You have to understand that this wasn’t just a distraction, to accelerate and rile the masses, this was a huge fumble, for every living human inside the confines of our imaginary lines, and so many people are blinded by their passions and desires to see it. Everyone needs to set thier personal feelings aside for a moment and really think about the implications of what just happened, and maybe utilize it as a waking point to realize the state shouldn't be in charge of anyone's body.

Just like most crumbling civilizations the current empire is going all in to protect themselves at any means necessary, and they use this bureaucracy and double speak to push their agenda and keep themselves in high positions(some for even 50+ years now) while they keep us fighting each other. I implore you to dig deeper in the subject manner and understand it at another level than your cognitive dissonance, and emotions allow. Make sure you read the fine print in these kinda overreaching situations.

Always remember, We are many, they are few, and the moment we stop fighting each other and realize this. Is the moment we can take the power back. ~JBOS☠

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