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Hey guys, what's up? I'm Ox. I've been with Unconstitutional Awakening sorta behind the scenes for a little while now and figured, what better time than now for me to introduce myself? I'm a goofy guy with some strong opinions about how politicians deserve to live in a 1997 Honda Passport under a bridge in LA eating cold Vienna sausages out of a can to sustain themselves long enough to muster another lie on camera. I'm here to answer any questions you guys may have about hunting, harvesting, butchering, processing, cooking, and preserving of your own food. I'm a professional chef with a great deal of experience in various cuisines (wild game and home grown fruit/vegetables are a specialty) and the etymology of recipes and customs. Please, let me know if y'all have any questions, I want to help make us independent of society as we know it in any and every way possible. We deserve better.

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