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Giant Aliens Visit Earth From Another Dimension, FBI 1947 Declassified Report

Thousands of declassified documents about numerous historical mysteries are kept at the FBI vault. The FBI has a large number of documents pertaining to this peculiar occurrence housed in its vault, and the subject of UFOs and aliens continues to be the one that receives the most discussion.

According to ex-FBI Special Agent John DeSouza, Memorandum 6751 is crucial to ufology. The UFO phenomenon has always captured the FBI's attention. This confirms the long-held theories that many science fiction movies are actually based on true stories, whether they were intentionally made by the FBI to increase public awareness or to recognize current or former agents who believe it is unfair to keep the public in the dark about these secrets.

Of course, it is impossible to think that Edgar Hoover, the FBI's director at the time of the events, was particularly concerned with justice or with society's right to know the truth. He was the extreme reactionary who held a different point of view. But the truth is that in 2010, it was revealed from the FBI's The Vault page that the organization had placed a report written [specifically Memo 6751] in July 1947 by an FBI special agent in the category of declassified documents. He was a lieutenant colonel whose identity had been concealed for reasons of "national security" and who, under the orders of the all-powerful Hoover, had destroyed a report based on an interview with a witness to the sighting of a UFO. The witness was able to convey quite a bit about his own encounter with a non-human consciousness. Memo 6751 admits the presence of extraterrestrial life. John DeSouza, a former FBI agent and author of "The Extra-Dimensionally: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors," cites the memorandum as a crucial piece of ufology literature.

Here We can take a closer look at the memo

Line 2: "Their mission is peaceful" and "settle" on Earth are the two things on their agenda; Line 3: The creatures are "human-like, but much larger in size";

Describes multidimensional creatures from "an etheric planet that interpenetrates with our own" in lines 4 to 6.

Line 7: Equipped with "radiant energy" weapons, they can cross dimensions or enter the "etheric" at will.

Their universe is compared to Lokas_or_Talas in Line 8;

Therefore, "Let the newcomers be treated with kindness"

Addendum: "The rear contains armament, which consists primarily of a powerful energy apparatus, perhaps a ray; the front contains the controls; the middle portion is a laboratory; and the front contains the controls."

The study claims that, in addition to other species, beings from other planets and dimensions also visit us. Particularly, they are manifested entities that appeared as transparent giants from the etheric dimension, which coexists with our physical Universe.

When reading the document, the first thought that comes to mind is that we are dealing with the tale of a dreamer, but it should be noted that this fact must have enough consecutive moments to launch an FBI investigation, and this must be acknowledged when it comes to justifying financial injections and expenditures of his resources.

The narrator continues by stating that these beings communicate using energy vectors, which are perceived as flying saucers. If the work they gave the witness (telepathically) to complete was peaceful, then their goal—to continue existing on this planet without upsetting us—is peaceful. Understanding extra dimensionality, according to John DeSouza, is the key to uncovering the truth about the supernatural, the spiritual, and even the physical world.

Since the beginning of time, these Visitors have been with us, and their messages to us may be found everything about us. Eventually, the truth will erupt into our range of vision.

If we choose not to pay attention, we will just postpone the inevitable until there is an alarm heard that is so loud that it will destroy everything on Earth. It will be too late once the black swans arrive and we awaken to the multiple miles-long shadows produced by these old ships hanging over our big cities.

Executive Order 13526 authorized for the declassification and dissemination of Memo 6751 after it had been classified for 63 years. The document may not be a "smoking gun," but it is noteworthy because Project Grudge, Blue Book's disinformation tactics spared it. There are various contradictions even though the memo contains a lot of incredibly precise information.

First, even though the author claims to have multiple diplomas and to have led a university department, there is no indication of his identity. The document was created by the FBI, and not the original, which is another detail that must be considered. In contrast to earlier Roswell accounts, this file mentions "living beings much larger than humans." Additionally, they could reside in another realm or dimension. However, the author of the article never elaborated on how they gathered all of the data. Memorandum 6751 is indistinct from this point forward.

Was it real? Is it just another psyop? We may never know.

--- JBOS

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