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2 years changes alot...🤡

So as everyone who isn't a goldfish running into glass for sport knows, since the year 2020 the so-called "Covid-19 Pandemic" has literally upended society as we know it (love it or hate it) and has quickly escalated us into a progressive dystopia that even Aldous Huxley couldn't imagine in his LSD propelled self and group experiments at the behest of the CIA. In a land and time far far away called the United States circa 2020 a significant amount of doctors, scientists, politicians, every day people, sports stars, and even Pedowood celebrities started to question the legitimacy of Federal and local responses to the "pandemic ", the legitimacy of PCR tests, trustworthiness of data coming from the CDC, and how all of the talking heads decided to suddenly throw out centuries of medical understanding. For doing so, myself included, those who chose to think and speak freely about the subject have been ridiculed, canceled, threatened, and some even wound up dead via sketchy "suicide" circumstances. Now we have the CDC gaslighting us all saying they weren't wrong when they were wrong. The CDC says it was a coding error and everything is fine. Who cares that they duped millions into injecting them with experimental RNA technology that actually has a negative efficacy against said virus. Who cares that lockdowns have caused more death and despair than Covid could in a century. Don't be mad, be glad they say, all this means is that you can get another booster! We have reached peak clown world, at this point they don't think you're smart enough to live.

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