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Unconstitutional Awakening Project Defender pt.2

Join Morpheus and I for part 2 of the DARPA deep dive, Project Defender, Talking Points include DARPA HIVE MIND in correlation with the Sentient World Simulation, Targeted Individuals, Software/Applications/hardware used, operators in the field using direct mental and app-based links to the SWS for OPs using the above-mentioned items. Corporate partnerships, Voice to skull technology, electronic harassment/gangstalking, Human AI hybrids, and how it's all used for social engineering and surveillance

Relevant links

Darpa Ai video: -explains the SWS current capabilities and goals - 3 waves of AI, this was made 5 years ago, and we are now in the third wave but this is for context so people can check it out on their free time

Link to commercial for local gov access to sws for real time monitoring:

Sws software commercial:

Demo of ai used in gangstalking of targeted individuals: Air Combat Systems,

Cubic Defense Systems (app) (Corp)

SYN- ISR(software):

D WAVE Systems:

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