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Unconstitutional Awakening ep167

Avast ye Mateys, as Luis and Jimbob welcome aboard Jonathan Wright to set sail on the latest adventure on Unconstitutional Awakening the podcast, Jonathan is the host of Nothing New Under the Sun, and advocate for the Food Forrest. Jonathan dives right in telling the guys a little about himself, then divulges into the wonders of the Food Forrest, explaining its origins, its stagey, and how we could all implement them in our homes, towns, and the like. He touches on Electro Culture, and Jimbob points out how that seem to have been a way of the trade forever ago. Luis then gets everyone going on supplements and which ones are real and which ones are garbage, then a conversation about Carrots love tomatoes and roses love garlic. This and so much more on the latest voyage with Captain Conspiracy and crew.

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