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Unconstitutional Awakening ep169

All hands-on deck, As Neptune, Bandit, Luis, and Jimbob welcome aboard show friend and all-around awesome guy, Chris Mathieu, founder and host of Forbidden Knowledge News. Things kick off with a convo about the scary reality of AI, and how far it's come in just a few short years, Bandit brings up Deep Fakes, and how long they've been going on, Neptune discusses the AI used in drones by the military, Luis shares some extremely realistic AI created human, Chris gets the crew going on the amount of bots online and "The Real Story of Facebook", Neptune brings up how Microsoft got rid of its AI board of ethics, The crew and Chris discuss how much reality is like a Brave New World and 1984 all wrapped into one, how the French have been getting buck wild across the pond, and what Chris has planned for the near future, this and so much more on the latest adventure with Captain Conspiracy and the crew.

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