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Unconstitutional Awakening ep162

On this episode of Unconstitutional Awakening the podcast, Bandt, Luis, and JimBob welcome the host of The Uncanny mystic Minds podcast Louie. In true UA fashion JBOS and the crew divulge into what got Louie into podcasting, then jump into weather modification, cloud seeding, and wild weather worldwide, they point out a story in the WSJ on how the Zucc told employees not to takes the jab, and a mysterious jab passport salesman based out of California for the rich, then jump into a discussion about earth-based meds as well as the miracles of psychedelics, the crew pokes fun at California politics and how many people have left the state for a new home, followed up by mocking Florida and its excessive use of free speech silencing, They also discuss the Not-See problem in Ukraine, and how commonly people look like their dogs, this and much more on this adventure with Captain Conspiracy and the crew.

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