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Unconstitutional Awakening ep180

All hands-on deck as Jimbob, Bandit, and Neptune set sail on an adventure with The Hidden Gateway Podcast's Jesston Williams, who explores the mystical, spiritual, and human potential realms as well as our conceptions of the Universal Creator. He started The Hidden Gateway Podcast after giving it some serious thought and realizing that he had unique skills that he could share with others. His fundamental belief, which he works tirelessly to advance, is that as we develop as people, we can all change for the better and go beyond any limitations we impose on ourselves. In addition, he is the author of "In the Eye of the Father: A Memoir of Faith and Redemption.". The cast and he discuss censorship, human trafficking, the shadow government, previous podcasts, and what led him to where he is today. All this and much more as Captain Conspiracy and his crew continue their quest for the treasures of information to be found.

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