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Hey Folks, I had a long-time friend join me on my podcast for the first time. Jim is from Georgia. we touched base on catfish, turtles, and how Georgia is just like Australia. Everything can hurt, injure, or punch your ticket to meet Jesus. _ We discuss the hogzilla encounter he had and how he won! - Thank you for tuning into another episode of Bucks of America Podcast brought to you by HHA Sports, VIPArchery, Real People Giving Coffee, Dangler Case, and download the Toxon App. Click here for more information!

Join Shayn Jones (Inquiries of our Reality/Bizarre Encounters), Kyle Rainey (The Big Dumb Podcast), and guests Jim Bob Oval Shorts, Luis, & Bandit (Unconstitutional Awakening) as we discuss shop teacher boobs, wendigo, weird dash cam footage, bombs, and a lot more on the 23rd episode of "Big Dumb Inquiries". .

If you have a "Wild Card Question" for the show please contact us! . We will also be doing the show live in addition to being on the regular feed so watch social media for dates & times! . Shayn Jones (Inquiries of our Reality/Bizarre Encounters) Social Media/Email/Donate/Merch/Submit Encounters . Kyle Rainey (The Big Dumb Podcast) Open Minds Media (OMM) Social Media/Join/Contact/Discover . Clip Links:

Luis joins Nate on the Reality Czars

113 Jim Bob Ovalshorts from Unconstitutional Awakening!

Cryptid week episode 3

This week the Reality Czars are joined by the great Jim Bob Ovalshorts from Unconstitutional Awakening! This is the third and final episode of Cryptid week! We had a great time discussing bigfoot theories and all other high strangeness!


This is the Place to find us being guests on other shows! Ma...
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