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Trident Talk with King Neptune

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2022 was an interesting year for the gun community. Between the incessant bickering of the ATF, casting a wider net on what constitutes a firearm, their continued power writing their own edicts without jurisprudence; the SCOTUS ruling on NY State Rifle & Pistol Assn vs Bruen, and some of the braindead provisions of the new SAFE-T act which went into effect in IL the first of the year; this is a great time to reassess what it means to have friends in high places.

With that, on the first discussion of Trident Talk, we need to talk about the gun community's own worst enemy: the NRA. I will admit that the NRA is capable of doing some good. Their education and training programs, many of which are catered toward getting potential first-time gun owners "off the fence", as well as their gun safety best practice vids and educational programs, are…

I would like to discuss how underrated the 1911 is nowadays and how it is still monumentally effective and reliable.

This board is going to be my staging area for rants and thought provoking discussion that I'd have posted to Facebook in the past.

Encouraging dialogue.

Neptune Prime
October 13, 2022 · changed the group description.

Free wheeling discussions and rants.

Me on my way to check out what kind of group I was auto-added to


Free wheeling discussions and rants.


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