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Strange and Unusual w/Kaytlyn

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Bandit and I have said many times-ideas don't come from no where. You can be inspired by something you see. As an "artist" and I use that term loosely, as I am way out of practice and the last time I did a tattoo was a piece on my leg 3 months ago that turned out alright but, could definitely be better. Anyway: I get inspired by things I see in the world or nature or personal experiences. But when I get a completely original idea-it always comes in a dream or during one of my many daydreaming, staring off into space, automatically meditating experiences. So where do ideas-original ideas like movies, songs, and so on, really come from?

Well, they were either inspired by something real. A story that was told(who's origins were true), a real event that happened, or something that had already been done before with a slightly different twist.

Did you know most music these days have the exact same beat in it? As well as a level of hrtz that purposely grab your attention and implant influences onto you. Not good ones, at that.

So that begs the the world so fucked up today because of the entertainment industry? Using real things in movies, subliminal messages in our kids tv shows, sending certain sound waves and lyrics with double meanings and phrases that we can't pick up, but our subconscious mind can without us realizing..and none of it for our best interests.

I think yes. Because this has been going on for decades and maybe longer. As the entertainment industry grows and becomes more and more apart of the world's everyday life, the world becomes more and more evil. Unfortunately.

Stay vigilant, stay guarded. Most importantly, shield your children as much as possible.


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